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My notes on "Pluralsight webinar: Is Your Team Ready to Use React.js?"

Title: Pluralsight webinar: Is Your Team Ready to Use React.js?

Webinar date: 06/23/2016



There are a seemingly endless number of new JavaScript frameworks and libraries to pay attention to and it’s often hard to decide which one is best for your project or workflow. In this screencast, we take an objective look at Facebook’s React.js library and explore its learning curve, performance, and real-world uses by businesses like Paypal and Airbnb. We’ll compare React.js to popular alternatives like Angular and jQuery to show why it may make sense for your team to start using React.js in your front-end workflow.

  • pros

    • state object
    • declarative vs. imperative code
    • virtual dom
      • partial updates (diff)
    • just a view lib, not a complete framework
      • start small
      • no need to start with Flux and Redux bundled
      • no extra template engine, just plain html
  • cons

    • weird syntax (ES2015/babel?)
      • html mixed with js
    • this this, this that, bind this... :(
  • not sure

    • possible with jquery, not recommended
      • for ajax?
    • server side rendering
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