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The list of sublime text 2 packages that I use

RailsCasts Theme

Makes your ruby code look awesome.


Useful to convert variables/functions from snake_case to camelCase, as I frequently end using snake_case in coffescript. Just hit ctrl+alt+c (twice here, I don't know why) on selected snake_case to turn it into camelCase.

Sublime Alignment

Dead-simple alignment of multi-line selections and multiple selections. Just hit ctrl+alt+a on selection to align variables.


Autocomplete of html tags with tab key.


Provides great use of git functions inside Sublime Text, by the commands pallete.


Provides diff and merge tools for Sublime Text, by ctrl + alt + d key.

Git Gutter

Shows an icon in the gutter area indicating whether a line has been inserted, modified or deleted. Allows to cycle between changes with the hotkey ctrl + shift + alt + j If combined with Railscasts color theme, icon colors aren't shown unless the theme is updated (snippet included on Git Gutter's readme).

Sublime Pretty JSON

Formats JSON when hitting ctrl + alt + j (or accessing the option "Pretty JSON: Format (Pretty Print) JSON" in the command pallet).

Bracket Hilight

Matches a variety of brackets. Very useful to see clearly the current def/class/if-end ruby block.


Integration with Zeal Docs. Just press F1 over a word to open definition on Zeal. Press shift+F1 to open Zeal window.


Add/edit (missing native) commands to Command Palette.

Sublime Files

For keyboard driven file navigation with ctrl+alt+n

Sidebar Enhancements

More options for right-click on sidebar items, like move or duplicate.

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