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Paulo Basilio paulolorenzobasilio

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paulolorenzobasilio /
Created Aug 15, 2022 — forked from moyix/
Script to inject an exit(0) syscall into a running process. NB: only x86_64 for now!
gdb -p "$1" -batch -ex 'set {short}$rip = 0x050f' -ex 'set $rax=231' -ex 'set $rdi=0' -ex 'cont'
paulolorenzobasilio /
Created Oct 14, 2021 — forked from esperlu/
MySQL to Sqlite converter
# Converts a mysqldump file into a Sqlite 3 compatible file. It also extracts the MySQL `KEY xxxxx` from the
# CREATE block and create them in separate commands _after_ all the INSERTs.
# Awk is choosen because it's fast and portable. You can use gawk, original awk or even the lightning fast mawk.
# The mysqldump file is traversed only once.
# Usage: $ ./mysql2sqlite mysqldump-opts db-name | sqlite3 database.sqlite
# Example: $ ./mysql2sqlite --no-data -u root -pMySecretPassWord myDbase | sqlite3 database.sqlite
paulolorenzobasilio / squash.php
Created May 5, 2021 — forked from woganmay/squash.php
Use PHP to flatten a multidimensional stdClass object (like a json_decode result)
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function squash($array, $prefix = '')
$flat = array();
$sep = ".";
if (!is_array($array)) $array = (array)$array;
foreach($array as $key => $value)
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'use strict';
const puppeteer = require('puppeteer');
(async () => {
0. download ublock, I used
1. run $PATH_TO_CHROME --user-data-dir=/some/empty/directory --load-extension=/location/of/ublock
2. enable block lists you want to use
paulolorenzobasilio /
Created Jan 9, 2020
Adding directory structure on readme

Directory Structure

Aerobatic defaults to some specific common front-end conventions. By conforming to these conventions you can simplify your configuration (convention over configuration).

Here is the basic suggested skeleton for your app repo that each of the starter templates conforms to:

├── app
│   ├── css
│ │ ├── **/*.css
paulolorenzobasilio /
Created Nov 12, 2019
Get subset of a JavaScript object properties
paulolorenzobasilio / git-is-merged
Last active Aug 22, 2022
Check if source branch has been already merged into destination branch
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Check if source branch has been already merged into destination branch
git_is_merged () {
paulolorenzobasilio / gitlab-deploy-node.yml
Last active Sep 5, 2019
Sample node project deployment on Gitlab with caching of node_modules, test, build.
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image: node:12.9.0-alpine
.ssh: &ssh
- "which ssh-agent || ( apk update && apk add openssh-client )"
- eval $(ssh-agent -s)
- mkdir -p ~/.ssh
- chmod 700 ~/.ssh
- '[[ -f /.dockerenv ]] && echo -e "Host *.$STAGING_ENV\n\tStrictHostKeyChecking no\n\n" > ~/.ssh/config'
- echo "$SSH_PRIVATE_KEY" > ~/.ssh/knit.pem
paulolorenzobasilio / post-merge
Last active Aug 19, 2019
Check changed files on post-merge and execute command
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# git hook to run a command after `git pull` if a specified file was changed
# Run `chmod +x post-merge` to make it executable then put it into `.git/hooks/`.
changed_files="$(git diff-tree -r --name-only --no-commit-id ORIG_HEAD HEAD)"
changed() {
echo "$changed_files" | grep --quiet "$1" && eval "$2"
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public class OutputArgument
public static void main (String[]args)
int[] source = { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 };
int[] destination = new int[6];
copyFromSourceToDestination (source, destination);
for (int i = 0; i < source.length; i++) {
System.out.println (destination[i]);