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Example of a Laravel multi-stage build
FROM composer:1.7 as vendor
COPY database/ database/
COPY composer.json composer.json
COPY composer.lock composer.lock
RUN composer install \
--ignore-platform-reqs \
--no-interaction \
--no-plugins \
--no-scripts \
# Frontend
FROM node:8.11 as frontend
RUN mkdir -p /app/public
COPY package.json webpack.mix.js yarn.lock /app/
COPY resources/assets/ /app/resources/assets/
RUN yarn install && yarn production
# Application
FROM php:7.2-apache-stretch
COPY . /var/www/html
COPY --from=vendor /app/vendor/ /var/www/html/vendor/
COPY --from=frontend /app/public/js/ /var/www/html/public/js/
COPY --from=frontend /app/public/css/ /var/www/html/public/css/
COPY --from=frontend /app/mix-manifest.json /var/www/html/mix-manifest.json
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