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@paulrouget paulrouget/
Created Jun 28, 2012

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# Get a list of all the bugs you fixed:
hg log -u --template '{date|isodate}: {desc}\n'
# it doesn't filter out the merges, backouts, etc.
# Add this to your hgrc:
mybugs = log -u --template '{date|isodate}: {desc}\n'
hg mybugs
# Filter by date:
hg mybugs --date "2012-06-18 to 2012-06-28"
hg mybugs --date "-7" #bugs from last week
# update your hgrc:
mybugs = log -u --template '{date|isodate}: {desc}\n'
lastweek = mybugs --date "-7"
hg lastweek
# To filter out your queue:
hg lastweek -r qparent:0
# Stat:
hg lastweek --stat
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