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Floating scrollbars in Firefox
* How to have floating scrollbars in Firefox (Linux, Windows & Mac).
* Screenshot:
* You need Firefox > 18. Just run this code in a browser-scratchpad:
* Ping me on Twitter (@paulrouget) if you run into problems.
* 1. Go to about:config - Set to true
* 2. Starts Scratchpad (Shift-F4)
* 3. In Scratchpad's menubar, check "Environment > Browser"
* 4. Past this whole code
* 5. In Scratchpad's menubar, click "Execute > Run"
* If you restart Firefox, you'll need to re-do these steps.
* You will find bugs.
* The scrollbars style is very basic (grey, doesn't fade out).
* For osx, we are working on an actual fix (see bug 636564).
* Someone should build an addon.
let sss = Cc[";1"].getService(Ci.nsIStyleSheetService);
let url ="chrome://browser/skin/devtools/floating-scrollbars.css", null, null);
sss.loadAndRegisterSheet(url, 0);
let root = document.documentElement;
let display =; = "none";
window.getComputedStyle(root).display; // Flush = display; // Restore

heftig commented Nov 3, 2012

The clickable area doesn't touch the window border, so it's not possible to scroll a fullscreen window by clicking at the screen edge. A bit of an usability problem. Seems to work fine otherwise. (FF18, Linux)

nightson commented Nov 3, 2012

This will break the layout of dropdown menu of awesome bar

Ajnasz commented Nov 4, 2012

It's invisible if the website has a black background.

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