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Forked from anonymous/gist:211152
Created October 15, 2009 18:14
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import urllib, re
from pprint import pprint as pp
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from geopy.geocoders import Google
import MySQLdb
from time import sleep
bcpd_arc_url = ""
"""<POINT x="1393926.78398081" y="621171.476883567" />
<POINT x="1397217.83" y="621171.476883567" />
<POINT x="1397217.83" y="616180.92" />
<POINT x="1393926.78398081" y="616180.92" />""",
"""<POINT x="1442316.71979371" y="621406.8125" />
<POINT x="1445310.91155006" y="621406.8125" />
<POINT x="1445310.91155006" y="618412.039570119" />
<POINT x="1442316.71979371" y="618412.039570119" />""",
"""<POINT x="1394077.54114138" y="592162.660878078" />
<POINT x="1397806.49013248" y="592162.660878078" />
<POINT x="1397806.49013248" y="586906.339042239" />
<POINT x="1394077.54114138" y="586906.339042239" />""",
"""<POINT x="1442360.22501292" y="590833.205731698" />
<POINT x="1445457.16335056" y="590833.205731698" />
<POINT x="1445457.16335056" y="584158.004589979" />
<POINT x="1442360.22501292" y="584158.004589979" />""",
"""<POINT x="1428897.34236402" y="565462.027408424" />
<POINT x="1444872.773" y="565462.027408424" />
<POINT x="1444872.773" y="557733.625" />
<POINT x="1428897.34236402" y="557733.625" />""",
"Whole City":
"""<POINT x="1393926.78398081" y="621406.8125" />
<POINT x="1442360.22501292" y="621406.8125" />
<POINT x="1442360.22501292" y="557733.625" />
<POINT x="1393926.78398081" y="557733.625" />""",
#XXX: note the extra "> right before SPATIALFILTER... sigh.
def requestXML(dt):
return """<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?><ARCXML version="1.1">
<GET_FEATURES outputmode="xml" envelope="true" geometry="false" featurelimit="1000" beginrecord="1">
<LAYER id="6" /><SPATIALQUERY subfields="CCNO CRIME_DESC FROM_DATE PREM_DESC LOCATION POST DISTRICT" where="(FROM_DATE &gt;&#061; {ts '%s'}) AND (FROM_DATE &lt;&#061; {ts '%s'})"> "><SPATIALFILTER relation="area_intersection" ><POLYGON>
(dt.isoformat(' '), (dt + timedelta(1)).isoformat(' '), districts["Whole City"])
#return a list of tuples of (ccno, crime type, premises, time, address, post (?), district)
def scrape(dt):
postdata = urllib.urlencode({'ArcXMLRequest': requestXML(dt)})
d = urllib.urlopen(bcpd_arc_url, postdata).read()
xml ="(<?xml.*)';", d).groups()[0]
#skip actual parsing of the xml, for now. KISS
fs = re.findall("(FIELDS.*?)>", xml)
ts = [list('FIELDS CCNO="(.*?)" CRIME_DESC="(.*?)" PREM_DESC="(.*?)" FROM_DATE="(.*?)" LOCATION="(.*?)" POST="(.*?)" DISTRICT="(.*?)"', f).groups()) for f in fs]
for t in ts:
#time is given in milliseconds since unix time start; we want seconds
t[3] = datetime.fromtimestamp(float(t[3])/1000)
return [tuple(t) for t in ts]
#s = scrape(datetime(2009,2,10))
#pp((s, len(s)))
#geocode the addys
def date_range(dt1, dt2):
if dt1 > dt2:
raise Exception("invalid date range")
while dt1 <= dt2:
yield dt1
dt1 += timedelta(days=1)
g = Google("#XXX: google maps api key"#)
def geocode(addr):
for _, coords in g.geocode(addr + " baltimore, md", False):
return coords
conn = MySQLdb.connect(host=#host, user=#user, db=#db_name)
notfound = []
for d in date_range(datetime(2009,3,10), datetime(2009,5,12)):
print d
for case_number, crime, premises, dt, addr, post, district in scrape(d):
latlong = geocode(addr)
if not latlong:
latlong = geocode(addr)
if not latlong:
lat, long = latlong
cur = conn.cursor()
INSERT INTO crime (city_id, case_number, crime, location, address,
reported_on, latitude, longitude)
VALUES (1,%s,%s,%s,%s,%s,%s,%s)""" , (
case_number, crime, premises, addr, dt, lat, long)
print "not found addresses:"
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