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Function for SASS/SCSS to avoid duplicate imports and redundant generated CSS. See for more details.
/* If this function is imported, you can import scss files using:
@if not-imported("your-file") { @import "your-file"; }
$imported-once-files: () !default;
@function not-imported($name) {
$imported-once-files: $imported-once-files !global;
$module_index: index($imported-once-files, $name);
@if (($module_index == null) or ($module_index == false)) {
$imported-once-files: append($imported-once-files, $name);
@return true;
@return false;

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greaveselliott commented Oct 11, 2017

Great idea - unfortunately, this doesn't quite work for me. I run into the following error:
"Import directives may not be used within control directives or mixins. " any idea's?


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cscuderi commented Apr 25, 2018

I get the same issue as greaveselliott above.

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