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pavanBS/Mobile.php Secret

Last active Jul 4, 2018
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class Mobile {
/* Member variables */
var $price;
var $title;
/* Member functions */
function setPrice($par){
$this->price = $par;
function getPrice(){
echo $this->price ."<br/>";
function setName($par){
$this->title = $par;
function getName(){
echo $this->title ." <br/>";
$Samsung = new Mobile();
$Xiaomi = new Mobile();
$Iphone = new Mobile();
$Samsung->setName( "SamsungS8 );
$Iphone->setName( "Iphone7s" );
$Xiaomi->setName( "MI4" );
$Samsung->setPrice( 90000 );
$Iphone->setPrice( 65000 );
$Xiaomi->setPrice( 15000 );
Now you call another member functions to get the values set by in above example

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@Mehedimuaz Mehedimuaz commented Jul 4, 2018

There would be a closing double quote (") after SamsungS8 on line 23.

$Samsung->setName( "SamsungS8 );

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