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Extract subtitles from .mkv files on Mac OS X
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Extract subtitles from MKV on all subdirectories

from os import walk
import subprocess
import re
from os import path

tool_path = "/Applications/"
dir = "./"

def find_files(dir, ext):
    file_list = []
    for (dirpath, dirnames, filenames) in walk(dir):
        for filename in filenames:
            if filename.endswith(ext) and not filename.startswith('._'):
                file_list.append(dirpath + '/' + filename)
    return file_list

for file in find_files(dir, ".mkv"):
    basename = file.replace(".mkv", "")
    if path.exists(basename+".srt") or path.exists(basename+".ssa"):
        print("Already Exist, skipping...", basename)

    # Find subtitle track
    result =[tool_path + "mkvmerge", "-i", file], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, check=True)
    # SubRip .srt
    srt_track ='Track ID (\d+): subtitles \(SubRip/SRT\)', str(result.stdout)) 
    if srt_track:
        srt_track = "{}:{}.{}".format(, basename, "srt")

    # SubStation Alpha .ssa
    ssa_track ='Track ID (\d+): subtitles \(SubStationAlpha\)', str(result.stdout)) 
    if ssa_track:
        ssa_track = "{}:{}.{}".format(, basename, "ssa")

    if not srt_track and not ssa_track:
        print('No SRT track found!', file, str(result.stdout))

    # Extract SRT, [tool_path+"mkvextract", "tracks", file, srt_track, ssa_track])), check=True)


then run on terminal like:


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same issue exactly with an srt file of over 10MB with binary data.

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There's a Mac application called Subtitle Extractor in the App Store that does this

Thank you for this @larryy ! I needed an SRT to translate subtitles into another language and needed precise time codes, this app does it!

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kwccoin commented Apr 15, 2021

For SRT it is ok but for SUP like Japanese and Chinese, seems OCR is needed.

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Thank you so much, it worked !!

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Thanks a lot!

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Very simple and work, it's really work well. Thank you very much

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