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@pavolloffay pavolloffay/devnation

Last active Sep 10, 2018
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docker run --net=host --rm -it jaegertracing/all-in-one
java -jar target/preference.jar
curl localhost:8180
Istio headers propagation
Advanced routing
istioctl create -f istiofiles/destination-rule-recommendation-v1-v2.yml -n tutorial
istioctl create -f istiofiles/virtual-service-recommendation-v1.yml -n tutorial
istioctl replace -f istiofiles/virtual-service-safari-recommendation-v2.yml -n tutorial
istioctl get virtualservice -n tutorial
istioctl delete virtualservice recommendation -n tutorial
istioctl delete destinationrule recommendation -n tutorial
Fault injection
istioctl create -f istiofiles/destination-rule-recommendation.yml -n tutorial
istioctl create -f istiofiles/virtual-service-recommendation-503.yml -n tutorial
istioctl delete -f istiofiles/virtual-service-recommendation-503.yml -n tutorial
istioctl delete destinationrule recommendation -n tutorial
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