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Last active January 28, 2021 18:48
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Article: Tell don't ask - watering after refactoring
public class Watering {
private final RaisedBedRepository raisedBedRepository;
private final WaterValveRepository waterValveRepository;
public Watering(RaisedBedRepository raisedBedRepository, WaterValveRepository waterValveRepository) {
this.raisedBedRepository = raisedBedRepository;
this.waterValveRepository = waterValveRepository;
public WateringResult perform(WateringCommand command) {
// cut out: getting raised bed with plants and wattering bed
return waterBed(raisedBed.get(), waterValve.get());
private WateringResult waterBed(RaisedBed raisedBed, WaterValve waterValve) {
WateringResult successfullyWatered = raisedBed.waterWith(waterValve);;;
return successfullyWatered;
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