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Created December 20, 2020 10:01
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Article: Law of Demeter - company using internal methods
class Company {
private List<Department> departments;
Map<DepartmentCode, BigDecimal> costPerDepartment() {
Map<DepartmentCode, BigDecimal> costPerDepartment = new HashMap<>();
departments.forEach(department -> {
DepartmentCode departmentCode = department.getCode();
BigDecimal employeesCost = calculateCostOf(department);
costPerDepartment.put(departmentCode, employeesCost);
return costPerDepartment;
private BigDecimal calculateCostOf(Department department) {
return department.getTeams().stream()
.map(team -> calculateCostOf(team))
.reduce(BigDecimal.ZERO, BigDecimal::add);
private BigDecimal calculateCostOf(Team team) {
return team.getMembers().stream()
.reduce(BigDecimal.ZERO, BigDecimal::add);
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