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Solution to Day 4: High-Entropy Passphrases - Part 2
lines = open('input_d4.txt','r').readlines()#["abcde fghij","abcde xyz ecdab","a ab abc abd abf abj","iiii oiii ooii oooi oooo","oiii ioii iioi iiio"]#
lines = [w.replace('\n','').split(' ') for w in lines]
print lines
count = 0
match = True
for l in lines:
match = True
for j in range(len(l)):
for k in range(j+1, len(l)):
if l[j] == l[k]:
match = False
elif l[j] != l[k] and ''.join(sorted(l[j]))==''.join(sorted((l[k]))):
match = False
if match:
count += 1
print count
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