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open/.code={\tikzcdset{hook, circled};},
closed/.code={\tikzcdset{hook, slashed};},
open'/.code={\tikzcdset{hook', circled};},
closed'/.code={\tikzcdset{hook', slashed};},
circled/.code={\tikzcdset{markwith={\draw (0,0) circle (.375ex);}};},
slashed/.code={\tikzcdset{markwith={\draw[-] (-.4ex,-.4ex) -- (.4ex,.4ex);}};},
{\pgfutil@packageerror{tikz-cd}{You need to say %
\string\usetikzlibrary{decorations.markings} to use arrow with markings}{}}{}%
mark = at position 0.5 with
\begin{tikzcd}[sep = large]
A \ar[r, circled, "j"] \ar[dr, closed] & B \ar[r, closed, "i"] & C \ar[dl, closed']\\
F \ar[u, closed] \ar[r, markwith={\arrow{stealth}}]& D & E \ar[l, closed'] \ar[u, open'] \ar[ull, crossing over, closed']
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