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modify date format on stackoverflow and stackexchange sites using userContent.css for Firefox
* Please share improvements here or on StackOverflow and add a link here.
* Please upvote if you agree that
* users should have a choice of date format available.
* - see
* - may be useful too, but careful of the double escaping!
* keywords: date format, date display, stackoverflow, stackexchange, css, script
/* this doesn't work -> @-moz-document domain( domain( */
@-moz-document regexp('.*(askubuntu|stackoverflow|stackexchange)\\.com/?.*')
span.relativetime { overflow: hidden; color:#fff; }
span.relativetime::before { color:#333;
content: attr(title) ' ';
width: 50%;
height:1.1em; overflow: hidden;
white-space: pre-wrap;
span.relativetime-clean { color:#fff; }
span.relativetime-clean::before { color:#333;
font-weight: bold;
content: ' ' attr(title) ' ';

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@pbhj pbhj commented May 16, 2019

If you make improvements please post them back in a comment.

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