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Remove old events from a big ics calendar file

Removes all events preceeding a given year from an .ics calendar file (the kind you can find e.g. in a Radicale-based CalDAV server).


./ Personal 2016 # removes all events starting before the year 2016 from the calendar stored in Personal.ics file
# first argument - the calendar file
# second argument - the year.
# All of the events preceeding the year will be removed from the calendar.
temp_dir=$(mktemp -d)
# backup the calendar just in case
# split the calendar file into separate files for each event. This script creates multiple files in the form of xx00000
total_files=$(csplit -n ${temp_files_digits} ${CALENDAR_FILE} '/BEGIN:VEVENT/' {*} | wc -l)
echo "total events found: " ${total_files}
# move the events to a separate temp directory
mv xx* ${temp_dir} && cd ${temp_dir}
# time to remove what we do not need
grep -R DTSTART . | sed -s "s/\.\/\(xx[0-9]\+\).*:\([0-9]\{4\}\).*/\1 \2/g" | awk '{if($2>="'"$YEAR"'") print $1;}' | xargs -L 1 cat > events
sed -i '/END:VCALENDAR/d' events
# reassemblee
cat xx00000 events xx`printf "%05d" $((total_files-1))` > ${CALENDAR_FILE}
# cleaning
cd ${rpwd}
mv ${temp_dir}/${CALENDAR_FILE} ${CALENDAR_FILE}
rm -rf ${temp_dir}
echo "your new ics file is here: ${rpwd}/${CALENDAR_FILE}"
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