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class SocketThreadLocal extends ThreadLocal<ZMQ.Socket>
static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger(SocketThreadLocal.class);
private ZMQ.Context ctx;
private MQConfig config;
SocketThreadLocal(ZMQ.Context ctx, MQConfig config)
this.ctx = ctx;
this.config = config;
protected ZMQ.Socket initialValue() {
ZMQ.Socket socket = config.applyToSocket(ctx.socket(ZMQ.PUSH));
for (String host : config.hosts.split(",")) {
return socket;
public class MQCache implements MessageCache
static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger(MQCache.class);
private SocketThreadLocal local;
private Boolean block;
public MQCache(ZMQ.Context ctx, MQConfig config)
this.local = new SocketThreadLocal(ctx, config);
this.block = config.sendBlocking;
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