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Last active Feb 9, 2022
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Calculate the size of your Prometheus storage

Scans all active targets on your Prometheus server to count the number of samples available to determine the minimum size of your storage according to your retention.

The formula is based on the offcial documentation. I set the sample size to 2 bytes (pessimistic approach)


pip install -r requirements.txt


python3 <prom_url> <retention> 


python3 http://localhost:9090 30d 
import sys
import requests
import yaml
class PromError(Exception):
def __init__(self, expression, message):
self.expression = expression
self.message = message
class PromDateFormatError(PromError):
class PromStatusError(PromError):
def transform_labels_query(labels: dict) -> str:
return "{" + ",".join("{}=\"{}\"".format(*i) for i in labels.items()) + "}"
def timeconverter(string: str) -> int:
char = string[len(string) - 1]
if char == "s":
return int(string[:-1])
elif char == "m":
return int(string[:-1]) * 60
elif char == "h":
return int(string[:-1]) * 3600
elif char == "d":
return int(string[:-1]) * 86400
elif char == "w":
return int(string[:-1]) * 604800
elif char == "y":
return int(string[:-1]) * 31449600
raise PromDateFormatError(string,
'Date is invalid : {0}. Last character {1} not in ["s","m","h","w","y"]'.format(
string, string[len(string) - 1]))
except ValueError:
raise PromDateFormatError(string,
'Date is invalid : {0}. Unable to convert {1} to integer'.format(string, string[:-1]))
if __name__ == "__main__":
if len(sys.argv) != 3:
print('Usage: {0} http://localhost:9090 30d'.format(sys.argv[0]))
base_url = sys.argv[1] + '/api/v1'
config_url = base_url + '/status/config'
target_url = base_url + '/targets'
query_url = base_url + '/query'
nb_samples_per_seconds = 0
retention_time = timeconverter(sys.argv[2])
config_request = requests.get(config_url)
if config_request.json()['status'] != "success":
raise PromStatusError(config_url, 'Prometheus config\'s status is not in a good state')
config = yaml.safe_load(config_request.json()['data']['yaml'])
except PromError as e:
except requests.exceptions.ConnectionError:
print('Unable to connect to Prometheus with url ' + config_url)
target_request = requests.get(target_url)
targets = target_request.json()['data']['activeTargets']
for target in targets:
scrape_interval = timeconverter(
target['scrapeInterval'] if 'scrapeInterval' in target else config['global']['scrape_interval'])
query = requests.get(query_url, params={'query': transform_labels_query(target['labels'])})
nb_samples = len(query.json()['data']['result'])
print('Target : {0}\nScrape Interval : {1}\nNb. Samples : {2}\n'.format(target['scrapePool'],
str(scrape_interval), str(nb_samples)))
nb_samples_per_seconds += nb_samples / scrape_interval
print("\n------\nTime retention (s): {time_retention}\nNb Samples per seconds: {nb_samples_per_s}\nEstimated Size "
"(bytes): {size:e}".format(time_retention=retention_time, nb_samples_per_s=int(nb_samples_per_seconds),
size=retention_time * int(nb_samples_per_seconds) * 2))
PyYAML == 6.0
requests == 2.26.0
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