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Patrick Burtchaell pburtchaell

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View SetColorOnTap.js
import * as React from "react"
import { useState } from "react"
function CodeComponent(props) {
const [color, setColor] = useState("blue")
return (
onTap={() = > {
pburtchaell / TapEventOverrides.tsx
Last active Jan 16, 2022
Double tap & long press event overrides for Framer X
View TapEventOverrides.tsx
import { Data, Override } from "framer"
const state = Data({
doubleTapIndex: 0,
doubleTapTimer: setTimeout(null, null),
longPress: false,
longPressTimer: setTimeout(null, null),
export function doubleTap(): Override {
View useCanvas.tsx
* @public
* Returns all design components
* */
export default function useCanvas() {
let components = null
let canvas = null
try {
// @ts-ignore
View getDesignComponents.tsx
// Gets all design components exported from the canvas
export default function useDesignComponents() {
let canvas = require('../canvas.tsx')
let components = []
for (const key in canvas) {
if (!key.endsWith('__')) {
components = [...components, {
key: key,
View example.js
const leftText = "Hello"
// using props.chilren
const Button = (props) => (
View rachel.html
<input type="radio" id="answer-1" value="answer-1">
<label for="answer-1">My answer 1</label>
<input type="radio" id="answer-2" value="answer-2">
<label for="answer-2">My answer 2</label>

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View gist:da50cd43d69db25ac528
import React from 'react';
import AuthStore from '../stores/AuthStore';
import AuthActions from '../actions/AuthActions';
import connectToStores from 'flummox/connect';
class SignIn extends React.Component {
constructor() {
View materialDesignColors.less
@color-primary-200: #fd2166;
@color-primary-400: #EC175A;
@color-primary-600: #c4134b;
@color-primary-900: #9a103c;
@color-secondary-200: #485C72;
@color-secondary-400: #485C72;
@color-red-200: #FFAB91;
@color-red-400: #FF7043;
@color-red-600: #F4511E;
@color-red-900: #BF360C;
View 💁.txt
var sleep, caffeineLvl;
if (caffeineLvl === 50) {
sleep = 'unlikely';
} else if (caffeineLvl === 100) {
sleep = false;
delete sleep;