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import {actor, RefActor, state} from 'RefActor';
export default (id)=>({ref:actor(id, state.init), state}) : RefActor;
export async function react({in:Message}): Promise<Result<Boolean>>
export async function onHTTP({method,headers,..}:HTTPRequest): Promise<HTTPResponse>
$ brew install blorg
$ blorg attach $secret pierre
$ blorg ssh-agent pierre
$ blorg join
First entry for,[VTIxMKH9WdKec4igy8Y,v6-ildPQyp2QdhNImdb.beXA] joined,,, and 7 others[n6Dl0uzS5tHjVsy1A2Yw5K-K,VATgPZru2AXWuUboFmg] joined,,, and 8 others
$ blorg bring chat git/chat
$ cd git/chat; blorg send
$ blorg label pchat pierre/chat
$ blorg browse pchat as pierre
Double-entry bookkeeping for your distributed brains. core-web http+websocket transactional bar1 bar features, http+websocket would be the soyuz cloud for everybody, but maybe build your own easily enough instead? http+websocket+webrtc
$domain/foo [frames] to ${mangle(resolve(foo))}.$domain/bar, a/bar is passthrough for bar hosts the frontend and proxies
GET,PUT,POST,DELETE foo/bar/baz//hello/world
context = foo/bar/baz
path = hello/world
async function history(): Promise<History>
async function state(): Promise<State>
async function send({message:Message, channel:Channel}): Promise<Result<Boolean>>
interface HistoryNode { async function parents(): Promise<List<HistoryNode>>
async function state(): Promise<State>
async function message(): Promise<Message>
async function remote(): Promise<Result<Remote>>
async function id(): Promise<Result<Remote>> }
interface History { async function head(): Promise<HistoryNode>
async function length(): Promise<Result<number>>
async function trim(length: number): Promise<Result<Boolean>> }
interface File { content: any }
type Key = string
type Listing = Record<Key, State>
type State = File | Listing
type Message = any
type Secret = string
interface Channel { local: Local; remote: Remote }
interface Identity { key: string; alias?: string }
interface Remote implements Identity { iri: string }
interface Local implements Remote { secret: Secret }
export async function http({method,headers,..}:HTTPRequest): Promise<HTTPResponse>
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