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Compression ratio of zram
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
MIB = 1024*1024
Dir.entries(BLOCK_PATH).select{|e| e.start_with? 'zram'}.each {|dev|
orig = BLOCK_PATH, dev, 'orig_data_size').to_i
compr = BLOCK_PATH, dev, 'compr_data_size').to_i
printf "%s: %6.2f%% (%.2f MiB -> %.2f MiB)\n", dev, 100*compr/orig, orig/MIB, compr/MIB
#!/usr/bin/csi -s
(use srfi-1 srfi-13 utils posix files format)
(define BLOCK-PREFIX "/sys/block")
(define (metrics-for-dev name)
(let* ((dev-path (make-absolute-pathname BLOCK-PREFIX name))
(compr-path (make-absolute-pathname dev-path "compr_data_size"))
(orig-path (make-absolute-pathname dev-path "orig_data_size")))
(cons (string->number (string-trim-right (read-all compr-path)))
(string->number (string-trim-right (read-all orig-path))))))
(define (format-size n)
(format "~,2F MiB" (/ n (* 1024 1024))))
(define (format-dev name metrics)
(let* ((compr (car metrics)) (orig (cdr metrics))
(ratio (/ compr orig)))
(format "~A: ~6,2F% (~A -> ~A)"
name (* 100 ratio) (format-size orig) (format-size compr))))
(define (display-zram)
(let* ((devs (directory BLOCK-PREFIX))
(zdevs (filter (lambda (name) (string-prefix? "zram" name)) devs)))
(for-each (lambda (dev) (print (format-dev dev (metrics-for-dev dev)))) zdevs)))
#!/usr/bin/env zsh
for f in /sys/block/zram*; do
orig=$(< $f/orig_data_size)
compr=$(< $f/compr_data_size)
printf '%s: %6.2f%% (%.2f MiB -> %.2f MiB)\n' \
${f:t} \
$((100 * ${compr}.0 / ${orig})) \
$((${orig} / 1048576.0)) \
$((${compr} / 1048576.0))
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pcarrier commented Sep 25, 2012

bash only has integer arithmetic in 2012!?

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