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Last active August 11, 2021 08:38
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Install fsnotifier for IntelliJ IDEA on your ARM laptop.
Works better than one might expect with JDK8.
$ sh /opt/idea/bin/
Sorry for the truncate insanity.
Sadly not much I can do:;a=blob;f=platform/platform-impl/src/com/intellij/openapi/vfs/impl/local/;hb=HEAD#l221
set -e
for f in fsnotifier.h \
inotify.c \
main.c \ \
curl \
";a=blob_plain;f=native/fsNotifier/linux/$f;hb=131" \
-o $f
strip fsnotifier fsnotifier64
# Should check against truncation
truncate -s 29155 fsnotifier64
truncate -s 22791 fsnotifier
cp fsnotifier fsnotifier64 $1
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Same here, perfect!!

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ChristophHaag commented Jul 28, 2016

In inotify.c;a=blob_plain;f=native/fsNotifier/linux/inotify.c there is

#if defined(__i386__)
__asm__(".symver memcpy,memcpy@GLIBC_2.0");
#elif defined(__amd64__)
__asm__(".symver memcpy,memcpy@GLIBC_2.2.5");

I don't know why they think they need this, but on current archlinux arm that doesn't link. Just removing this block makes it work.

Also I couldn't get it to work so I thought it might need a new size and downloaded the original archive and found that it contains fsnotifier-arm now. So on distributions that include this binary in their package, it should just work.

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