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WIP: Install Ultimaker Cura on ChromeOS v71 with Crostini (Linux apps) container support
# Trevor Sullivan
# I want to install Ultimaker Cura on ChromeOS, under the Crostini container environment.
# Cura is distributed officially as the Linux AppImage format, not a Debian package.
# Crostini doesn't support AppImage as of December 2018, due to dependency on FUSE, which isn't supported.
# Crostini is compatible with Debian packages.
# There is an Ubuntu Personal Package Archive (PPA) with Debian packages for Cura.
# However, Crostini starts as a Debian Stretch environment.
# The Cura package is only available for Debian Buster.
# This simple script will install Ultimaker Cura using the Debian package, after upgrading the environment to Debian Buster.
# Buster upgrade credit:
# NOTE: You'll be manually prompted to upgrade to lxc3 from lxc2 during the Debian Buster package upgrades. You can select YES at this prompt.
# The add-apt-repository command isn't available by default, so install it ...
sudo apt install software-properties-common --yes
# Install PPA
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thopiekar/cura
# Install the GPG key for PPA
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys D51DB14E9FFECCF3
# Update apt caches
sudo apt update
# Install Cura
sudo apt-get install cura --yes
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