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Install MySQL Shell utility into MySQL official Docker container image
# Use these commands to install MySQL Shell utility into a container running
# the official MySQL distribution via Docker Hub.
# docker pull mysql:8.0.26
# export CONTAINER_ID=$(docker run --detach --env MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=12345 mysql:8.0.26)
# docker exec --interactive --tty $CONTAINER_ID bash
apt update && apt-get install httpie --yes
# Use the Debian or Ubuntu package
export FILENAME='mysql-shell_8.0.26-1debian10_amd64.deb'
export FILENAME='mysql-shell_8.0.26-1ubuntu20.04_amd64.deb'
export FILENAME='mysql-shell_8.0.27-1debian11_amd64.deb'
pip3 install httpie
http --download$FILENAME
dpkg --install $FILENAME
apt-get install --fix-broken --yes
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