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If you have problems when downloading large results sets from reDash it may be you are running against the default 30 seconds timeout in gunicorn. To solve this you can edit your:


and change:

command=/opt/redash/current/bin/run gunicorn -b --name redash -w 4 redash.wsgi:app


command=/opt/redash/current/bin/run gunicorn -b --name redash -t 300 -w 4 redash.wsgi:app

Hope it helps, Pablo


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@hara5 hara5 commented May 8, 2019

Hey Pablo,
any idea, how to configure this with redash docker setup?


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@acondrat acondrat commented Feb 17, 2020

Seems like you can set it with the GUNICORN_CMD_ARGS environment variable.


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