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Last active Nov 8, 2019
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require 'restforce'
require 'faye'
Restforce.log = true
Restforce.configure do |config|
config.logger ="/tmp/restforce.log")
config.log_leve = :info
client =
client.authenticate! do
client.subscription '/event/LoginEventStream' do |message|
puts message.inspect
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samjglover commented Nov 8, 2019

Hey Patrick saw your post on the trailblazer community. I work with FairWarning, our platform is built to consume the data from event monitoring. We have customers who are already up and running with real time so it looks like we could save you a lot of time/reduce headaches going forward. My email is, I would be happy to have a quick chat to see if we could be of use to you.

Feel free to check us out on the appexchange

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pcon commented Nov 8, 2019

@samjglover I'm not interested in using any project as I'm targeting adding this to the Open-source project Fluentd. If you have anyone that knows why this isn't working I'd be more than happy to talk with them.

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