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pcroland /
Created Jul 29, 2022
deew workflow helper because pwsh sucks
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import requests
import sys
token = sys.argv[1]
to = sys.argv[2]
version = sys.argv[3]
r =
pcroland /
Last active May 23, 2022
mux seasons automatically
for e in "$1"; do
vid_480=(--language 0:"$orig_lan" -A -S -M -T --no-global-tags --no-chapters vid/s"$s"e"$e"_480.mkv)
from sys import argv as Args
import datetime
def main():
filename = Args[3]
for i, arg in enumerate(Args):
if '/' in arg:
View keksh.sxcu
"Version": "13.4.0",
"DestinationType": "ImageUploader",
"RequestMethod": "POST",
"RequestURL": "",
"Headers": {
"x-kek-auth": ""
"Body": "MultipartFormData",
"FileFormName": "file",
View UpscaleCheck.avsi
function UpscaleCheck(clip c, string "resolution") {
resolution = default(resolution, "720")
eval("""Interleave(c.myffinfo("source", color_lawngreen), c.AutoResize(""" + Chr(34) + resolution + Chr(34) + """).z_Spline36Resize(c.width, c.height).myffinfo("source -> """ + resolution +""" -> source", color_cyan))""")
View Corners.avsi
# Corners.avsi,
# Crops all 4 corners of input and outputs stack4 window clip of those corners, allows viewing of corners without scrolling large input clip.
# Giving W=Width(default width/4) and H=Height(default Height/4) of corners. (Default output dim half of input dim, ie 2*Width/4, 2*Height/4).
# (Max W=c.Width, H=c.Height, where output 4 window stack of double dimensions to input).
Function Corners(clip c, Int "W", Int "H") {
W = Default(W, 720)
H = Default(H, 360)
W = Default(W,Width/4) H = Default(H,Height/4) # Default corners quarter of dimensions
W=W/4*4 H=H/4*4 # W Mod4 (YV411 compat), H Mod4 (YV12 Interlaced compat)
pcroland / mylwlinfo.avsi
Last active Sep 6, 2021
Modified lwlinfo for showing only the important parts with white and you can add a bonustext (group name for example) with predefined colors.
View mylwlinfo.avsi
red = $FF7C7C
green = $B2FF7C
blue = $8F97FF
yellow = $FFE07C
orange = $FFB97C
magenta = $FF77FF
violet = $C787FF
cyan = $7DF9FF
white = $FFFFFF
azure = $86C8FF