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Delete all deals in Highrise by 37Signals (
* This script should be pasted into a Browser debug console
* after clicking the Highrise links to show all deals.
* It may need to be run several times to deal with the massive amount
* of AJAX queries.
// Inject jQuery
var s=document.createElement('script');
// Give jQuery time to load
setTimeout( function(){
var $ = jQuery;
// Select all deal links
$(' h3 a').each(function(){
var baseUrl = $(this).prop('href');
// Load the confimation page
$.get( baseUrl + '/confirm_destroy', function( data ) {
var $html = $(data);
// Submit the confirmation form
var $form = $html.find('div.submit form');
$.post( baseUrl, $form.serialize() );
} );
}, 3000 );
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nerdvibe commented Jul 7, 2017

Many thanks for sharing this gist! It's absurd that highrise doesn't provide a bulk delete :/

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