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{"features":[{"id":"5943b3abda50f","name":"Documents","type":"feature-about","icon":"35","sorting":"manual","sections":[{"id":"592","type":"about-section","title":"Despatch letters","content":"<p><a href=\"https:\/\/\/content\/uploads\/2017\/05\/2017-NDC-first-despatch-letter.pdf\">First despatch letter<\/a><\/p>\n"},{"id":"589","type":"about-section","title":"Standing orders","content":"<p>Standing orders will appear here<\/p>\n"},{"id":"586","type":"about-section","title":"Key Documents","content":"<p><a href=\"https:\/\/\/content\/uploads\/2017\/06\/24415.pdf\"><br \/>\nAbout conference<\/a><\/p>\n<p><a href=\"https:\/\/\/content\/uploads\/2017\/06\/24394.pdf\">Conference document<\/a><\/p>\n<p><a href=\"https:\/\/\/content\/uploads\/2017\/06\/2017-National-Delegate-Conference_Composite_Booklet_Final4.pdf\">Conference composite booklet<\/a><\/p>\n<p><a href=\"https:\/\/\/content\/uploads\/2017\/05\/UNISONAnnual-Report-2017.pdf\">Annual report<\/a><\/p>\n<p><a href=\"https:\/\/\/content\/uploads\/2017\/05\/24336.pdf\">Financial statements 2016-17<\/a><\/p>\n"}]},{"id":"5943b3abdea9b","name":"Overview","type":"feature-about","icon":"22","sorting":"manual","sections":[{"id":"600","type":"about-section","title":"Welcome","content":"<p><img class=\"alignnone size-full wp-image-602\" src=\"https:\/\/\/content\/uploads\/sites\/43\/2017\/06\/utLVYsg2.jpg\" alt=\"\" width=\"512\" height=\"512\" srcset=\"http:\/\/\/content\/uploads\/sites\/43\/2017\/06\/utLVYsg2.jpg 512w, http:\/\/\/content\/uploads\/sites\/43\/2017\/06\/utLVYsg2-150x150.jpg 150w, http:\/\/\/content\/uploads\/sites\/43\/2017\/06\/utLVYsg2-300x300.jpg 300w\" sizes=\"(max-width: 512px) 100vw, 512px\" \/><\/p>\n<p>A very warm welcome to everyone attending UNISON\u2019s National Delegate Conference, especially those for whom this is the first time.<\/p>\n<p>In this app you should find everything you need to follow conference proceedings and details about the Brighton Centre.<\/p>\n<p>Best wishes for a good conference!<\/p>\n<p>Dave Prentis<br \/>\nGeneral Secretary<\/p>\n"},{"id":"568","type":"about-section","title":"No smoking","content":"<p>A no smoking policy exists within the Brighton centre. This includes e-cigarettes.<\/p>\n"},{"id":"566","type":"about-section","title":"Flash photography","content":"<p>The national disabled members\u2019 committee has indicated that flash photography can cause visual impairment and disorientation and interferes with signed communications. Therefore the national executive council has decided that there will be no flash photography at National delegate conference.<\/p>\n"},{"id":"561","type":"about-section","title":"Filming and photography at UNISON conferences","content":"<p>UNISON accredited photographers may be taking pictures of the main debates, fringe meetings and other public areas at all UNISON conferences. These photographs may be used in the union\u2019s publications for members or on our website, social media sites eg. Facebook and Twitter, to promote the union. If you do not wish to be filmed or photographed:-<\/p>\n<ul>\n<li>refuse if you are approached for an individual photograph or video interview<\/li>\n<li>sit in the identified \u2018no filming zone\u2019 whilst in the conference hall<\/li>\n<li>if you speak in a debate inform Rostrum Control you do not wish to be filmed<\/li>\n<\/ul>\n<p>If you are planning to use a camera at conference (with or without voice recording) for the purposes of using the images and\/or sound on behalf of the union, whether employed by UNISON or as an activist who may be using the image in a branch, regional or sector newsletter:-<\/p>\n<ul>\n<li>always ask an individual for their consent and explain the use of the picture<\/li>\n<li>when it involves a large group \u2013 images of a delegation or the whole of the conference floor etc \u2013 you clearly cannot seek individual permissions. Instead, a statement will be posted at conference explaining that the event will be photographed\/filmed and individuals who object will be told who to speak to in order to resolve their concerns<\/li>\n<\/ul>\n"},{"id":"549","type":"about-section","title":"Shared delegations","content":"<p>Shared delegations help to meet the criteria of fair representation and proportionality. Shared delegations mean that a branch can elect two delegates who will share the delegate place on a \u2018job share\u2019 basis. The seating area for sharers when acting in their non-delegate role is within the visitors section in the balcony area. Sharers can alternate as they choose and when acting as a delegate they should be seated in the appropriate regional block on the conference floor.<\/p>\n"},{"id":"546","type":"about-section","title":"Delegates\u2019 credentials","content":"<p>Each delegate has been issued with a delegate\u2019s credential and this should be visible at all times.\u00a0\u00a0Delegates who have their credentials do not need to register at the conference information desk before entering conference.<\/p>\n<p>Credentials include a unique bar code which can be read by a hand-held scanning system. This has been introduced to assist with verifying attendance in line with the branch funding proposals agreed at 2001 national delegate conference and monitoring fair representation and proportionality among delegates speaking at the rostrum.<\/p>\n"},{"id":"540","type":"about-section","title":"Conference procedures","content":"<p>Details of conference procedures can be found in the conference documents 2017 booklet together with texts of the motions, amendments and amendments to rule.<\/p>\n<p>Each delegate has been issued with a delegate\u2019s credential and this should be visible at all times while you are in the conference venue. Delegates who have their credentials do not need to register at the conference information desk before entering conference.<\/p>\n<p>Credentials include a unique bar code which can be read by a hand-held scanning system. This has been introduced to assist with verifying attendance in line with the branch funding proposals agreed at 2001 national delegate conference and monitoring fair representation and proportionality among delegates speaking at the rostrum.<\/p>\n"},{"id":"537","type":"about-section","title":"Key figures at conference","content":"<p>The president of the union presides over conference and chairs all the debates. The two vice-presidents may deputise for the president.\u00a0\u00a0At the request of the vice presidents, former presidents may be asked to preside over conference sessions.<\/p>\n<p>With the co-operation of delegates, conference business is processed quickly.\u00a0\u00a0There are occasions\u00a0when the president will need to exercise their authority including the right to make a ruling on a question of standing orders or a point of order. The president\u2019s ruling is final.<\/p>\n<p>The president also has the authority to take action\u00a0in response to any behaviour which is deemed to be inappropriate or unacceptable (for example causing a disturbance and refusing to obey the call to order). \u00a0The president may delegate the exercise of this authority\u00a0which includes issuing the delegate with an informal warning, preventing them from speaking in any debate or motion, a temporary removal of credentials for all or part of the conference, or expulsion from conference.\u00a0 Consultation and discussions will take place with the relevant regional delegates.\u00a0 Such behaviour may also be dealt with under the union\u2019s disciplinary procedures.<\/p>\n<p>National Executive Council members sit on the platform together with the general secretary and the assistant general secretaries. They are called on to move reports, statements, motions, amendments to rule and amendments in the name of the National Executive Council. They will also speak for the National Executive Council in reply to some of the debates.<\/p>\n<p>Standing orders committee chairperson, vice-chairperson and secretary come to the platform on a daily basis to give reports on behalf of the standing orders committee.<\/p>\n"}]},{"id":"5943b3abe7350","name":"Venue A-Z","type":"feature-about","icon":"36","sorting":"manual","sections":[{"id":"559","type":"about-section","title":"Conduct of delegates","content":"<p>All delegates, visitors, staff and facilitators are expected to behave in a courteous manner. \u00a0Aggressive, offensive, intimidatory, disrespectful or unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated. \u00a0This applies to all aspects of communication, at or in connection with the conference, including postings on social media. Complaints will be treated seriously.<\/p>\n<p>The president has authority to take action in response to any complaint received or of their own initiative.\u00a0 This includes issuing the delegate with an informal warning, preventing them from speaking in any debate or motion, excluding a delegate from all or part of the conference, or expulsion from conference.\u00a0 The exercise of the president\u2019s authority is separate from any decision to deal with the behaviour under the union\u2019s disciplinary procedures.<\/p>\n<p>Your regional secretary and regional representatives are available in the first instance for advice and support. Issues of unsatisfactory conduct\u00a0can also be raised with the conference enquiry desk.<\/p>\n"},{"id":"555","type":"about-section","title":"Reducing our impact on the environment","content":"<p>As a trade union with strong environmental policies we need to keep paperwork to a minimum. \u00a0We have provided delegates with the opportunity, via the online conference system, to opt out of being sent paper copies of our conference materials. \u00a0All these documents are available online via the conference app or the conference website. \u00a0Please make sure you retain your documents for the duration of conference.\u00a0 Recycling bins are situated at the back of the conference hall.<\/p>\n"},{"id":"553","type":"about-section","title":"Access to the conference hall","content":"<p>The UNISON stewards on the doors are volunteers and have to adhere to a strict brief to assist the smooth running of conference. If you are not wearing proper credentials with a photograph you will not gain access to any part of the conference hall. These stewards will also operate the scanning system on the badge bar codes each time a delegate enters the hall.<\/p>\n"},{"id":"411","type":"about-section","title":"Venue Information","content":"<p><strong>Conference information desk \u2013 main foyer, ground floor<\/strong><\/p>\n<p>This is where you should go if you have any queries concerning the administration of conference or if you lose your conference credentials. The desk will be open:-<\/p>\n<p>Saturday 12pm \u2013 5.30pm<\/p>\n<p>Sunday 8.30am \u2013 5.30pm<\/p>\n<p>Monday 8.30am \u2013 6.30pm<\/p>\n<p>Tuesday \u2013 Friday 8.30am \u2013 5.30pm<\/p>\n<p><strong>Conference hall \u2013 Auditorium 1, 1st floor<\/strong><\/p>\n<p>The hall is laid out with seating for delegates in their regions in the main body of the hall, with the platform and rostrum control at the front of the hall. Seating for visitors, sharer 2s and guests will be in the south balcony on the 3rd floor.<\/p>\n<p><strong>Conference sessions<\/strong><\/p>\n<ul>\n<li>Local government conference starts 9.30am Sunday 18th June \u2013 Auditorium 1<\/li>\n<li>WET conference starts 10am Sunday 18th June \u2013 Auditorium 2<\/li>\n<li>Energy conference starts 10am Monday 19th June \u2013 Auditorium 2<\/li>\n<li>National delegate conference starts 10am Tuesday 20th June and from 9.30am Wednesday to Friday \u2013 Auditorium 1<\/li>\n<\/ul>\n<p>On each day there will be a lunch break between 12.30pm and 2pm when the conference hall will be closed.<\/p>\n<p><strong>Standing orders committees<\/strong><\/p>\n<p>WET and Energy \u2013 office 2, 1st floor.<\/p>\n<p>Local Government \u2013 meeting room 1B, ground floor<\/p>\n<p>National Delegate \u2013 meeting room 5, 2nd floor.<\/p>\n<p><strong>UNIZONE \u2013 main foyer, ground floor<\/strong><\/p>\n<p>The UNIZONE is an interactive exhibition of UNISON\u2019s key campaigning, bargaining and organising work. UNIZONE 2017 will feature a changing programme of displays and interactive events. A full programme is highlighted in section 5 of this guide.<\/p>\n<p><strong>Exhibition area \u2013 main foyer, ground floor<\/strong><\/p>\n<p>The exhibition area contains a range of stands representing services to members plus a range of stalls on behalf of campaigning and voluntary organisations.<\/p>\n<p><strong>Catering<\/strong><\/p>\n<p>The main conference catering area is the FEED caf\u00e9 in the main foyer. Drinks and snacks will also be available from caf\u00e9 east on the first floor.<\/p>\n<p><strong>Cloakroom<\/strong><\/p>\n<p>A free cloakroom service will be available from the ground floor.\u00a0 The cloakroom will be open:-<\/p>\n<p>Sunday to Thursday 8.30am \u2013 6.30pm<\/p>\n<p>Friday 8.30am \u2013 4.30pm<\/p>\n<p><strong>Cash machine<\/strong><\/p>\n<p>Cash machines are available at the Brighton centre in the foyer and in the east bar. All major banks are within five minutes walk from the centre.<\/p>\n<p><strong>Wi-fi<\/strong><\/p>\n<p>Free wi-fi is available \u2013 no log in ID or password required.<\/p>\n<p><strong>Photographs<\/strong><\/p>\n<p>If you require a photograph for your credentials please go the conference information desk.<\/p>\n<p><strong>Prayer rooms<\/strong><\/p>\n<p>There are prayer rooms available for the use of delegates on request. Please contact the conference information desk for further details.<\/p>\n<p><strong>First aid<\/strong><\/p>\n<p>The first aid room is located to the rear of the west bar on the first floor. If you require first aid assistance you can either go to the first aid room or contact a Brighton centre steward or the conference information desk for first aid to be called.<\/p>\n<p><strong>Cr\u00e8che<\/strong><\/p>\n<p>The cr\u00e8che for this conference is located in the viscount suite at the Hilton Metropole Hotel. The cr\u00e8che is only available for delegates who have\u00a0reserved places for their children in advance.<\/p>\n<p><strong>Card votes<\/strong><\/p>\n<p>Card votes can be collected from the card vote collection point on the ground floor, located in the in the corridor leading to the back of the venue off the foyer.<\/p>\n<p>Opening times:-<\/p>\n<p>Saturday 2pm \u2013 4.30pm Local government<\/p>\n<p>Sunday 8.30am \u2013 3pm Local government\/3pm \u2013 6pm NDC<\/p>\n<p>Monday 8.30am \u2013 4.30pm NDC<\/p>\n<p>Tuesday 8.30am \u2013 5pm NDC<\/p>\n<p>Wednesday 8.30am \u2013 12.30pm NDC<\/p>\n<p>From Wednesday lunchtime card votes can be collected from the finance office on the third floor. Card votes for WET and Energy conference will be available from outside of auditorium 2.<\/p>\n<p><strong>Access and facilitation<\/strong><\/p>\n<p>UNISON staff member, Raj Vekaria, is the conference access officer. Questions about access and facilitation should be addressed to him via the conference information desk.<\/p>\n<p><strong>Brighton Centre access summary<\/strong><\/p>\n<p>An access summary for the Brighton centre is available on the <a href=\"https:\/\/\/content\/uploads\/2015\/07\/2015-Retired-Members-Brighton-Centre-Access-Summary-updated.pdf\">UNISON website<\/a>.\u00a0 Alternatively you can contact the conference office on 0207 121 5123 to request a copy.<\/p>\n"},{"id":"377","type":"about-section","title":"The UNISON conference app","content":"<p>Enhance your experience of UNISON conferences and have the information you need at your fingertips.\u00a0 We have a dedicated event app, on IOS and Android, for local government conference and national delegate conference, featuring the conference documents, standing orders, venue details\u00a0\u2013 and how to get there! You can also post photos and chat to other conference attendees.\u00a0 To use it, you need the conference code \u00a0\u2013\u00a0ulgc17\u00a0for Local government conference,\u00a0undc17\u00a0for national delegate conference. You can download it now, or ask for details from the information desk at conference.<\/p>\n<p>Download your free app now ready for conference<\/p>\n<p>Download the app for iPhone and iPad:-\u00a0<a href=\"https:\/\/\/au\/app\/unison-conferences\/id1044647358\">https:\/\/\/au\/app\/unisonconferences\/id1044647358<\/a><\/p>\n<p>Download the app for Android phones:\u00a0<a href=\"https:\/\/\/store\/apps\/details?id=com.attendify.confnl7ybh\">https:\/\/\/store\/apps\/details?id=com.attendify.confnl7ybh<\/a><\/p>\n<p>Or Google \u2018unison conferences app\u2019<\/p>\n<p>To use the app you need to create a profile first. To create a profile, follow these instructions:-<\/p>\n<ul>\n<li>open the app and click the menu icon (three horizontal lines in the top left hand corner).<\/li>\n<li>click \u2018sign up\u2019 \u2013 enter an email and password, or use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+ to log in automatically.<\/li>\n<li>review and approve your profile information.<\/li>\n<li>be aware that some parts of this information (name, position) will be shown to other users of the app so don\u2019t use full names if you\u2019re not comfortable with that.<\/li>\n<li>select your conference from the list of events.<\/li>\n<li>click to check in and enter the event code \u2013\u00a0ulgc17\u00a0or\u00a0undc17<\/li>\n<li>confirm your profile again and you\u2019re in the app!<\/li>\n<\/ul>\n<p><em>Send us your feedback<\/em><\/p>\n<p>Tell us about your experience of using the app. The UNISON digital team will be at national delegate conference so you\u2019re welcome to feedback there, or you can mail them with feedback or any questions at <a href=\"\"><\/a><\/p>\n"},{"id":"306","type":"about-section","title":"Seating Plans","content":"<p><a href=\"https:\/\/\/content\/uploads\/sites\/43\/2017\/05\/2017-NDC-regional-floor-plan-in-blocks-National-Delegate-Conference.pdf\" target=\"_blank\">Regional floor plan in blocks &#8211; National Delegate Conference<\/a><\/p>\n<p>&nbsp;<\/p>\n<p><a href=\"https:\/\/\/content\/uploads\/sites\/43\/2017\/05\/2017-LG-regional-floor-plan-in-blocks-Local-Govt-Conference.pdf\" target=\"_blank\">Regional floor plan in blocks &#8211; Local Government Conference<\/a><\/p>\n"},{"id":"284","type":"about-section","title":"Floor Plans","content":"<p><a href=\"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/05\/Ground-Floor.pdf\">Ground Floor<\/a><\/p>\n<p><a href=\"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2013\/03\/first-floor.pdf\">First Floor<\/a><\/p>\n<p><a href=\"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/05\/Second-Floor.pdf\">Second Floor<\/a><\/p>\n<p><a href=\"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2013\/03\/third-floor.pdf\">Third Floor<\/a><\/p>\n"}]}]}
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