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# Task
Implement a recursive function that returns all of the unique dependencies, and sub-dependencies of a module, sorted alphabetically. Dependencies should be printed as dependency@version e.g. 'inflection@1.2.6'.
Multiple versions of the same module are allowed, but duplicates modules of the same version should be removed.
## Arguments:
* tree: A dependency tree. See below for an example of the structure.
## Example
var loremIpsum = {
"name": "lorem-ipsum",
"version": "0.1.1",
"dependencies": {
"optimist": {
"version": "0.3.7",
"dependencies": {
"wordwrap": {
"version": "0.0.2"
"inflection": {
"version": "1.2.6"
getDependencies(loremIpsum) // => [ 'inflection@1.2.6', 'optimist@0.3.7', 'wordwrap@0.0.2' ]
## Conditions:
* Do not use any for/while loops.
## Boilerplate
function getDependencies(tree) {
// Note: Feel free to add additional arguments
// to this function for use with recursive calls.
// Or not! There are many ways to recurse.
module.exports = getDependencies
## Resources
» To print these instructions again, run: functional-javascript print
» To execute your program in a test environment, run: functional-javascript run program.js
» To verify your program, run: functional-javascript verify program.js
» For help run: functional-javascript help
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