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Paulo Daniel Gonzalez pdgonzalez872

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pdgonzalez872 / thanks_but_no_elixir_no_dice.txt
Created Apr 23, 2022
Template reply for recruiters that contact me with great opportunities but without Elixir :)
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Thanks for reaching out. This sounds like a great opportunity, neat vertical and the company seems interesting!
I unfortunately don't think it is a good fit technology wise for me.
It's been excellent to use Elixir and see how it is almost a secret weapon as far as scaling a company (I was part of a 2.5b exit last year).
Our load doubled at some point after the exit and has continued to increase while the systems "just worked TM".
Elixir can handle it, it's amazing technology.
I know it is a weird stance to take: a tech stack one, but I do think that these small decisions permeate in different ways.
pdgonzalez872 /
Last active Oct 5, 2022
Part of an email reply to a recruiter

I'm a member of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation ( and part of that in my opinion is making sure folks know how to reach Elixir devs when they need to. I'm very interested in helping you showcase that your company is hiring so heavily for Elixir. Since you were kind in our email exchange, I'll return the kindness and hopefully help you find as many Elixir devs you can hire :). Just promise me to keep creating more Elixir jobs : ) :

Here are some interesting ways to find Elixir devs:

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Last active May 1, 2019
`global` exercise

global demonstration

Create named iex instances

On terminal 1: $ iex --name t1@

On terminal 2: $ iex --name t2@

pdgonzalez872 / slack_exercise.exs
Last active Apr 8, 2019
Elixir question on Slack
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defmodule SlackQuestionTest do
@moduledoc """
Learning session!
Functions by `gregvaughn`
use ExUnit.Case
@doc """
pdgonzalez872 /
Last active May 12, 2018
Using Nerves with Rpi3, wifi and Picam

Using Nerves with Rpi3, wifi and Picam.


A friend of mine asked me about a remote device to monitor a physical machine in a production line. We discussed about it being able to gather some data about the performance of the machine, usage and such. I've been thinking about this problem off and on for a while and eventually wanted to learn more about Nerves. Maybe this could in fact become a project my friend and I were talking about and we tackle it professionally. The tools do seem to be there and it


Distributed tasks and Nerves

The idea was to play around with Nerves and put in practice one of the features Elixir has out of the box: connecting to other existing VM instances, or "nodes".

Here is the exercise I was completing: Our first distributed code

Here are the steps I took to make the above work using Nerves (RPi3 and ethernet):