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Build Tools at IQSS
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<title>2015-06-03 Build Tools at IQSS: Jenkins and Travis</title>
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# Build Tools at IQSS:
# Continuous Integration with
# Jenkins and Travis
<img src="jenkins-logo.png" width="200px"/>
<img src="iqss-logo.png" width="200px"/>
<img src="travis-logo.png" width="200px"/>
.left[Philip Durbin]
# What is a Build?
- uses code as a starting point (i.e. a git repo)
- compiles code (if necessary)
- runs tests
- may produce an artifact (i.e. jar, PDF, RPM, etc.)
- reports on status
<img src="build-success.png" width="600px"/>
# Jenkins Dashboard
<img src="jenkins-dashboard.png" width="650px"/>
# Jenkins for Deployment
<img src="apitest-deploy.png" width="800px"/>
Deploy webapps
# Jenkins for Integration Testing
<img src="apitest-test.png" width="800px"/>
Testing testing job triggered by successful deployment job.
# Jenkins Console Output
<img src="jenkins-console.png" width="800px"/>
# Jenkins Test Results
<img src="jenkins-test-results.png" width="800px"/>
# Jenkins Artifact
<img src="jenkins-artifact.png" width="800px"/>
# Travis CI
<img src="travis-logo.png" width="200px"/>
<img src="travis-dashboard.png" width="500px"/>
# Pull Request for .travis.yml
<img src="rliebz.png" width="600px"/>
# Travis Build History
<img src="travis-build-history.png" width="500px"/>
# Travis Testing Multiple Python Versions
<img src="travis-dataverse-python.png" width="500px"/>
# Travis with Multiple Test Suites
<img src="travis-test-suites.png" width="500px"/>
# Travis Integration Testing
<img src="travis-behat.png" width="400px"/>
# IQSS Projects using Jenkins or Travis
- Dataverse
- Consilience
- Zelig
- DataTags
- OpenScholar
# What Problems Do You Have?
- Will merging this pull request break my app?
- How do I deploy my app to production?
- i.e.
- Is my code quality getting better or worse?
- Is my test coverage getting better or worse?
- Can I automate this thing I do on my laptop?
- How reproducible is this build?
- Think twice about building it on your laptop!
- Weird stuff
- Did someone update the GitHub wiki?
# Future Possibilities
- Run Selenium tests on every build
- Distributed Jenkins builds
- local Jenkins per server for more control
- no need for "Command_Line" job
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