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Last active April 27, 2023 18:11
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Half-working contact update
-- provided there's a custom date field in a contact record, this will prepend a datestamped note and update "last contacted" to today.
set theDate to do shell script "date +%Y-%m-%d"
tell application "Contacts"
set selectedPeople to selection
repeat with thePerson in selectedPeople
set customDates to custom dates of thePerson
repeat with aCustomDate in customDates
if label of aCustomDate is "last contacted" then
set value of aCustomDate to current date
end if
end repeat
set theNote to note of thePerson as string
set prependText to text returned of (display dialog "Enter text to prepend to the note of " & name of thePerson & ":" default answer "" buttons {"Cancel", "OK"} default button "OK" cancel button "Cancel")
set noteUpdated to "[" & theDate & "] " & prependText & return & theNote & return & " " & return
set note of thePerson to noteUpdated
save thePerson
end repeat
end tell
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