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Created March 20, 2022 21:55
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saving crypto data
import requests
from datetime import datetime
import pandas as pd
import awswrangler as wr
import boto3
session = boto3.session.Session(aws_access_key_id=key_access_aws, aws_secret_access_key=key_secret_aws)
s3 = session.client('s3')
def get_data_from_api():
Get data from API and transform it to DataFrame
api_url = ",ETH,REP,DASH&tsyms=USD"
r = requests.get(api_url).json()
now =
dtime = now.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')
date_key = now.strftime('%Y%m%d')
month_key = now.strftime('%Y%m')
datas = []
for rec in r:
currency = rec
price = r[currency]['USD']
print(rec, price, now)
record = {'currency': currency, 'price': price, 'datetime': dtime, 'date_key': date_key, 'month_key': month_key}
return datas
datas = get_data_from_api()
df = pd.DataFrame(datas)
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