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Created February 7, 2022 16:35
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# group by month using the loan created date and calculate some stats off the grouped data
def group_functions(x):
d = {}
d['loan_app_count'] = x['loan_amount'].count()
d['loan_funded_count'] = x['funded_at'].count()
d['conversion_rate'] = max(x['funded_at'].count() / x['created_at'].count(), 0)
d['time_to_conversion_avg'] = x['time_to_conversion'].mean()
return pd.Series(d, index=['loan_app_count','loan_funded_count',
'conversion_rate', 'time_to_conversion_avg'])
monthly = loans_df.created_at.dt.to_period('M')
monthly_loan_stats = loans_df.groupby(monthly).apply(group_functions)
monthly_loan_stats.index.rename('created_at_month', inplace=True)
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