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Chicisimo is looking for an iOS developer

Remote work (or based in Valencia)

What's Chicisimo?

Chicisimo is a player in the social fashion space, and we are building tools to help girls decide what to wear.

We serve an amazing community of fashion enthusiasts who spend up to 1 hour a week on our site, with engagement ratios growing 30% month over month.

We have worldclass media and ecommerce partners, and have been featured on both fashion and tech press. Also, we are lucky to have amazing investors.

What's the opportunity?

We have a unique opportunity to have strong impact on the people and on the industry.

There is not a winner in the social fashion space, someone who captures people’s love towards fashion. We are lucky to be building stuff that people use.

Online fashion market is in it's very early stage, it’s a huge market that still needs to gain traction. Large ecommerce companies will play a key role, but buyer mind-share towards them is today weak.

What’s the work environment?

You will help build a product with a purpose. A product people want to use. We are building amazing apps, with a deep understanding of the interaction loops.

We are focused on acting based on data, but we also have a strong feedback process. Cohorts, onboarding, mapping interaction, DAUs/MAUs, retention, recurrence… all this stuff will be part of your day. Flinto, Mixpanel,, GA, Crashlytics and other usual suspects as well.

Anyway, you can see what we are building via Testflight (ping us!).

There’ll be fashion around you, but most of all, there will be data. Data is the basis of our decisions.

Talking about data, here's some info about your work environment with us:

  • Our main offices are located at Slack & GitHub & Hangout, and that's where you'll be based. We feel extremely productive and organized there! We also have a physical office in sunny Valencia, where part of the team shows up. You will be physically based wherever you want, you will work from wherever you want.
  • You will work in an environment with a strong communication within the team.
  • We have merged 200 pull-requests in our core repository over the last four months.
  • And... we have merged 698 pull-requests across all our repositories in the same period.
  • We have open sourced three repositories lately and we're looking forward to open source a few internal tools ✌️.
  • We respect each other, and the way each of us works. This includes respecting the most productive hours of each of us. Part of the team is most productive on 4-6 PM and 12-2 AM, and part of the team starts working early. Very early. The way we are organized and coordinated, allows for this.
  • It's not all about work. We like to spend time with each other (Walle included), we are not just workmates.

We are a product startup, and here is the development culture you’ll work at:

  • Build stuff people want to use. Iterate & focus. Obsessively.
  • Understand how and why people come and stay. Or leave.
  • Use computers to do things.
  • Use humans to drink with.
  • Take away the bullshit, automate EVERYTHING.

We all report to all. You’ll be equally dependant, and independent, and responsible for your job, as the rest of us. It’s you who have to do your job, together with the rest of the team obviously. But you’ll also have the support of our investors and the Internet community. Without them, Chicisimo would not be feasible.

You don’t need to like fashion. But you need to LOVE what you do.

What profile are we looking for?

  • We are looking for a passionate iOS developer who fits with our culture. You will be our voice in everything iOS related.
  • We want a team player with strong communication skills.
  • We are looking for someone who wants to build something great for people.

What are we offering?

  • It depends on your profile. We’ll be nice.
  • Stock options.
  • A unique opportunity to have impact on people, and to grow professionally.

Get in touch with us

If you think there is fit, please let us know. Get in contact with anyone on the team, or email - mobile +34 666 552 418

We are who we are - Ke$ha

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