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Script to update firefly-iii
# Modify next line to where your firefly-iii instance is installed to.
cd /var/www
# Remove old version of firefly-iii
rm -r firefly-iii-old
# Get latest version of firefly
latestversion=$(curl -s | grep -oP '"tag_name": "\K(.*)(?=")')
# Install latest version
composer create-project grumpydictator/firefly-iii --no-dev --prefer-dist firefly-iii-updated $latestversion
cp firefly-iii/.env firefly-iii-updated/.env
cp firefly-iii/storage/upload/* firefly-iii-updated/storage/upload/
cp firefly-iii/storage/export/* firefly-iii-updated/storage/export/
cd firefly-iii-updated
rm -rf bootstrap/cache/*
php artisan cache:clear
php artisan migrate --seed
php artisan firefly-iii:upgrade-database
php artisan passport:install
php artisan cache:clear
# Serve next version, make sure rights are ok, restart apache2
cd ..
mv firefly-iii firefly-iii-old
mv firefly-iii-updated firefly-iii
chown -R www-data:www-data firefly-iii
chmod -R 775 firefly-iii/storage
service apache2 restart
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