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Funding script for Connext REST API multi client
const axios = require("axios");
const ethers = require("ethers");
// For REST API clietn
const baseUrl = "<INSERT_CONNEXT_REST_API_URL>";
// For Rinkeby provider
const ethProviderUrl = "<INSERT_ETH_PROVIDER_URL>";
// this mnemonic is used to mint tokens and fund clients with some ETH for gas (currently funded with some Rinkeby ETH)
const mnemonic = "confirm hello defy demand try raccoon stove glare clerk female pull bright";
const amounts = {
eth: {
transfer: ethers.BigNumber.from("2" + "0".repeat(16)), // 0.02 ETH
token: {
mint: ethers.BigNumber.from("1" + "0".repeat(26)), // 100M tokens
deposit: ethers.BigNumber.from("1" + "0".repeat(25)), // 10M tokens
// Connext Rinkeby Token
const token = {
address: "0x50C94BeCAd95bEe21aF226dc799365Ee6B134459",
abi: ["function mint(address tokenOwner, uint256 tokens) returns (bool success)"],
// gets active clients' publicIdentifiers
async function getClients() {
const url = `${baseUrl}/clients`;
console.log(`GET ${url}`);
return (await axios.get(url)).data;
// get client channelProvider config
async function getConfig(publicIdentifier) {
const url = `${baseUrl}/config/${publicIdentifier}`;
console.log(`GET ${url}`);
return (await axios.get(url)).data;
// deposit asset on channel
async function postDeposit(amount, assetId, publicIdentifier) {
const url = `${baseUrl}/deposit`;
console.log(`POST ${url}`);
const body = { amount, assetId, publicIdentifier };
console.log(`body: ${JSON.stringify(body)}`);
return (await, body)).data;
// funding script for all active clients
// 1. transfer some ETH for gas
// 2. mint tokens for client signerAddress
// 3. deposit tokens on client channel
async function fund() {
const clients = await getClients();
console.log(`Found ${clients.length} clients`);
const provider = new ethers.providers.JsonRpcProvider(ethProviderUrl);
const wallet = ethers.Wallet.fromMnemonic(mnemonic).connect(provider);
console.log(`Wallet address: ${wallet.address}`);
console.log(`Wallet ETH balance: ${(await wallet.getBalance()).toString()}`);
for (const { publicIdentifier } of clients) {
console.log(`publicIdentifier: ${publicIdentifier}`);
const config = await getConfig(publicIdentifier);
console.log(`signerAddress: ${config.signerAddress}`);
const ethBalance = await provider.getBalance(config.signerAddress);
console.log(`eth balance: ${ethBalance}`);
if (ethBalance.toString() === "0") {
const transferTx = await wallet.sendTransaction({
from: wallet.address,
to: config.signerAddress,
value: amounts.eth.transfer,
data: "0x",
console.log(`sent ${amounts.eth.transfer.toString()} ETH to ${config.signerAddress}`);
await transferTx.wait(2);
const minter = new ethers.Contract(token.address, token.abi, wallet);
const mintTx = await,;
console.log(`minted ${} tokens to ${config.signerAddress}`);
await mintTx.wait(2);
await postDeposit(amounts.token.deposit.toString(), token.address, publicIdentifier);
console.log(`deposited ${amounts.token.deposit.toString()} tokens to ${publicIdentifier}`);
console.log(`Successfully funded ${clients.length} clients`);
// run
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