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SJ4000 WIFI Protocol

#Base URL

File Management Panel

GET / file management panel

Configuration options

all options follow the template: /?custom=1&cmd={Command}&par={Option} Command - setting/mode of the device Option - usually 0/1, but when more settings are supported theres a few more numbers for different menu items

WARNING: Thee settings don't seem to take effect until you either start recording, or you turn the camera on/off.


GET   /?custom=1&cmd=2001&par=1   start recording
GET   /?custom=1&cmd=2001&par=0   stop recording

Other options

2002 Resolution
2003 Cyclic Record
2004 WDR
2006 Motion Detection
2007 Audio
2008 Date Stamp
2010 Live View Size
1004 Capture Mode
1002 Image Size
1005 Quality
1006 Sharpness
1007 White Balance
1008 Color
1009 ISO
2005 Exposure
1011 Anti Shake
3025 Frequency
3026 Rotate
3011 Reset to Defaults
3010 Format
3007 Auto Power Off
3003 WiFiName
3004 Password
3008 DV Language

More info:

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starchow commented Feb 26, 2015

it's really cool, man!
thank you

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xelaiv commented Mar 2, 2015

/?custom=1&cmd=3001&par=4 - switch to timeing photo mode
/?custom=1&cmd=3001&par=3 - switch to timing video (video lapse) mode
/?custom=1&cmd=3001&par=2 - switch to hdmi mode (probably)
/?custom=1&cmd=3001&par=1 - switch to video mode
/?custom=1&cmd=3001&par=0 - switch to photo mode
/?custom=1&cmd=1001 - take photo in photo mode

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pauldivaniii commented Mar 7, 2015

I purchased a new SJ4000. The Camera IP appears to now be I installed iPacketCapture Pro and pointed it at their iSmart DV app on Android and it does not pick up any network traffic coming from the camera. Any ideas how to reacquire them?

I am going to try to communicate with the camera from my laptop tomorrow using a video communication library I found on Aforge to see if I can get through to it. If you are interested you can see their documentation here:

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