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Print out full error messages for nested models
module FullErrorMessages
extend ActiveSupport::Concern
# includes errors on this model as well as any nested models
def all_error_messages
messages = self.errors.messages.dup
messages.each do |column, errors|
if self.respond_to?(:"#{column}_attributes=") && (resource = self.send(column))
messages[column] = resource.errors.messages
# this is the goodness:
#1.9.3-p362 :008 > s.all_full_error_messages
# => ["Purchaser can't be blank", "Consumer email can't be blank", "Consumer email is invalid", "Consumer full name can't be blank"]
# this is what we're avoiding:
#1.9.3-p362 :009 > s.errors.full_messages
# => ["Purchaser can't be blank", "Consumer is invalid"]
def all_full_error_messages
# this would properly done with full recursion, right now we're limited to a single level
formatter = self.errors.method(:full_message) do |attribute, messages|
if messages.is_a? Hash { |nested_attribute, messages| { |message|"#{attribute} #{nested_attribute}", message) } }
else { |message|, message) }
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