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Last active August 1, 2017 08:07
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Game Of Life Logic for an Infinite World in Clojure
(def fewest-neighbours-to-stay-living 2)
(def most-neighbours-to-stay-living 3)
(def exact-neighbours-to-regenerate 3)
(def neighbours
[ [-1 1] [0 1] [1 1]
[-1 0] [1 0]
[-1 -1] [0 -1] [1 -1]])
(defn- update-coordinate [cell neighbour]
[(+ (get cell 0) (get neighbour 0)) (+ (get cell 1) (get neighbour 1))])
(defn find-all-neighbours [cell]
(map #(update-coordinate cell %) neighbours))
(defn find-non-living-neighbours [cell grid]
(clojure.set/difference (set (find-all-neighbours cell)) (set grid)))
(defn find-all-non-living-neighbours [grid]
(reduce into #{}
(map #(find-non-living-neighbours % grid) grid)))
(defn count-live-neighbours [cell grid]
(count (clojure.set/intersection (set grid) (set (find-all-neighbours cell)))))
(defn live-on? [cell grid]
(let [live-neighbours (count-live-neighbours cell grid)]
(if (and (>= live-neighbours fewest-neighbours-to-stay-living) (<= live-neighbours most-neighbours-to-stay-living))
(defn regenerate? [cell grid]
(if (= exact-neighbours-to-regenerate (count-live-neighbours cell grid))
(defn evolve [grid]
(let [regenerated (clojure.set/select #(regenerate? % grid) (find-all-non-living-neighbours grid))
living (clojure.set/select #(live-on? % grid) (set grid))]
(clojure.set/union living regenerated)))
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