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Penn Su pencilcheck

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pencilcheck / autoSizr.js
Created Jul 10, 2017 — forked from iamkirkbater/autoSizr.js
Simple jQuery Plugin that auto resizes text to fill a specific sized div (great for responsive slideshows that utilize large banner text with variable lengths), derived from
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$.fn.autoSizr = function () {
var el, elements, _i, _len, _results;
elements = $(this);
if (elements.length < 0) {
_results = [];
for (_i = 0, _len = elements.length; _i < _len; _i++) {
el = elements[_i];
_results.push((function(el) {

What is this?

How do you compare date/times in RSpec?

If you do this

expect( eq, 4, 2).to_i
pencilcheck / gist:1339626
Created Nov 4, 2011 — forked from mudge/gist:124170
Add vim Ruby syntax highlighting to .prawn files.
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au BufNewFile,BufRead *.prawn set filetype=ruby
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NSNumber *windowLevelIndex = [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] objectForKey:@"DesktopBackgroundLevel"];
if (windowLevelIndex != nil) {
switch ([windowLevelIndex integerValue]) {
case 0: // Show behind the desktop icons, but on the desktop - ignored by Exposé
[window setLevel:kCGDesktopWindowLevel];
[window setIgnoresMouseEvents:YES];
[window orderBack:self];
case 1: // Show above the desktop icons - still ignored by Exposé
[window setLevel:kCGDesktopIconWindowLevel];