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Sane switching of input methods when using evil-mode in Emacs on OSX;change some conf for qwerty keyboard, and default-im keyboard changed to be self-conf.
;; switch to english input method when switching to normal mode
;; and switch back when entering insert/replace modes
;; need external script support, currently mac-only
(defvar default-im "org.unknown.keylayout.layoutformc" "Default ascii-only input method")
(defvar prev-im (substring (shell-command-to-string "/usr/local/bin/im-select") 0 -1)
"IM that I use when starting Emacs and exiting insert mode")
(defun im-use-english ()
"Switch to english input method on a Mac. im-select is a tool
provided at"
(cond ((eq system-type 'darwin)
(call-process-shell-command (concat "/usr/local/bin/im-select " default-im)))))
(defun im-remember ()
"Remember the input method being used in insert mode,
so we can switch to it in other modes."
(cond ((eq system-type 'darwin)
(setq prev-im (substring (shell-command-to-string "/usr/local/bin/im-select") 0 -1)))))
(defun im-use-prev ()
"Use previous input method.
If previous input method is not defined, use default method"
(cond ((eq system-type 'darwin)
(if prev-im
(call-process-shell-command (concat "/usr/local/bin/im-select " prev-im))
(call-process-shell-command (concat "/usr/local/bin/im-select " default-im))))))
(add-hook 'evil-normal-state-entry-hook 'im-use-english)
(add-hook 'evil-insert-state-entry-hook 'im-use-prev)
(add-hook 'evil-insert-state-exit-hook 'im-remember)
(add-hook 'evil-replace-state-entry-hook 'im-use-prev)
(add-hook 'evil-replace-state-exit-hook 'im-remember)
(add-hook 'evil-emacs-state-entry-hook 'im-use-english)
(provide 'self-ime)
;;;self-ime.el ends here
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penn201500 commented May 18, 2019

to enable ime auto-switch in emacs evil-insert-mode and evil-normal-mode:
fcitx-remote-for-osx for sogou-pinyin can not be installed on mac 10.14. Don't know why. This el is a great solution!!

tks to:

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zhangjie2012 commented Apr 13, 2020

worked for me, thanks.

btw, run /usr/local/bin/im-select get current input code, for example, my default english input is .

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