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(ns shuffle.core
(:use (incanter core charts)))
; naive, O(n+m)
(defn take-rand1 [n coll] (take n (shuffle coll)))
; lazy, O(n!@#$%m^&)
(defn take-rand2 [n coll]
(let [coll (vec coll)]
(take n (distinct (repeatedly #(rand-nth coll))))))
; reduce, reorder, subvec, O(m)
(defn take-rand3 [nr coll]
(let [len (count coll)
; why doesn't rand-int take a start?
rand-int (fn [lo hi] (+ lo (rand-int (- hi lo))))]
(subvec (->> (range nr)
(reduce #(conj %1 [%2 (rand-int %2 len)]) [])
(fn swap [a [i b]]
(assoc a b (get a i) i (get a b)))
0 nr)))
; amalloy, O(m)
(defn take-rand4 [num coll]
(iterate (fn [[ret candidates]]
(let [idx (rand-int (count candidates))]
[(conj ret (candidates idx))
(subvec (assoc candidates idx (candidates 0))
; amalloy, o(mg)
(defn take-rand5 [nr coll]
(take nr
((fn shuffle [coll]
(let [c (count coll)]
(when-not (zero? c)
(let [n (rand-int c)]
(cons (get coll n)
(shuffle (pop! (assoc! coll n (get coll (dec c)))))))))))
(transient coll))))
(defn t [f]
(let [start (. System (nanoTime))]
(- (. System (nanoTime)) start)))
(defn plot-len [f n]
(let [coll (vec (range n))]
(t #(doall (f 1000 coll)))))
(defn plot-take [f n]
(let [coll (vec (range 100000))]
(t #(doall (f n coll)))))
(def x (range 1000 100000 1000))
(defn points [f g]
(map (partial f g) x))
(defn draw-line [plot plotfn randfn name]
(add-points plot x (points plotfn randfn) :series-label name))
(defn do-it []
(-> (scatter-plot [] [] :legend true)
(draw-line plot-len take-rand1 "shuffle")
(draw-line plot-len take-rand2 "filtered")
(draw-line plot-len take-rand3 "reduce")
(draw-line plot-len take-rand4 "iterate")
(draw-line plot-len take-rand5 "transient")
(save "len.png")) ;
(-> (scatter-plot [] [] :legend true)
(draw-line plot-take take-rand1 "shuffle")
(draw-line plot-take take-rand2 "filtered")
(draw-line plot-take take-rand3 "reduce")
(draw-line plot-take take-rand4 "iterate")
(draw-line plot-take take-rand5 "transient")
(save "take.png"))) ;
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