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Click through multiple layers of Leaflet VectorGrid
// Since overlays are VectorGrid layers with canvas rendering,
// they don't support clicking through them (the topmost canvas
// swallows the event, lower layers will not see it).
// We workaround this by this hack (inspired by
// All overlays are in their own Leaflet pane. When a click hits a
// layer in the pane, we first handle the event like normal, and then
// hit the event handler below this comment.
// The event handler will hide the original target layer's DOM element,
// and then find out which DOM element is under it, and re-dispatch the same
// event on that element, and continuing this process until all layers
// have been dispatched, or abort if a layer's event handler stops the
// event.
// We currently only do this for clicks, since hiding and redisplaying
// elements is a performance hog if you do it in for example mousemove.
overlayPane = map.createPane('my-overlays');
L.DomEvent.on(overlayPane, 'click', function(e) {
if (e._stopped) { return; }
var target =;
var stopped;
var removed;
var ev = new MouseEvent(e.type, e)
removed = {node: target, display:}; = 'none';
target = document.elementFromPoint(e.clientX, e.clientY);
if (target && target !== overlayPane) {
stopped = !target.dispatchEvent(ev);
if (stopped || ev._stopped) {
} = removed.display;
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johnclittle commented Jun 23, 2017

Is there any benefit to using = 'none' over = 'none' ?

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