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Updated to do maths relative to centre point. Added extra check to first condition to ensure points in the 3->9 o'clock arc aren't sorted on x coordinate in the same manner as those above.
function less(center,a,b)
local adx=a.x-center.x
local ady=a.y-center.y
local bdx=b.x-center.x
local bdy=b.y-center.y
if adx >= 0 and bdx<0 then
return true
if adx < 0 and bdx>=0 then
return false
if adx*adx==0 and bdx*bdx==0 then
if ady >= 0 or bdy >= 0 then
return a.y > b.y
return b.y > a.y
-- compute the cross product of vectors (center -> a) x (center -> b)
local det = adx*bdy - bdx*ady
if det < 0 then
return true
if det > 0 then
return false
-- // points a and b are on the same line from the center
-- // check which point is closer to the center
local d1 = adx*adx + ady*ady
local d2 = bdx*bdx + bdy*bdy
return d1 > d2
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