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Simple hex dump using python. using binascii and struct modules
#try to write a simple hex dump
import binascii,struct
fd = open("abcd.exe", "r")
fd_contents_str =
fd_contents_hex = (binascii.b2a_hex(fd_contents_str)).upper()
Hex_dump = []
Byte_str = ""
for i, Half_byte in enumerate(fd_contents_hex):
Byte_str = Byte_str + Half_byte
if i % 2:
Byte_hex = struct.unpack('2b', Byte_str)#"4D" converted into (52,68)
Byte_str = ""
print Hex_dump
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peta909 commented Feb 15, 2019

simple hex dumper using python
demo use of modules in binascii and struct for manipulating hex values and bytes.

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