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IDApython script used to rename addresses with strings of function names
#Author: Mark Lim
#Version: 0.2 (01 May 2018)
#Use while debugging target using IDAPro
#locate list of function pointers
#Make names of function pointers using strings of function names
#FuncName without DLL prefix result in IDA recognizing the API functions and populate the parameter arguments. [Credits to @nullandnull]
ea = SelStart()
end = SelEnd()
while ea < end:
addr = idc.Dword(ea)
FuncName_dll = idc.get_name(addr)
FuncName = FuncName_dll.split('_')[1]
except IndexError:
FuncName = "NIL"
print hex(ea),FuncName
idc.MakeNameEx(ea, FuncName, idc.SN_NOWARN)
ea += 4
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