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Bug Fixes

  • ngTransclude:
  • $location:
    • always decode special chars in $location.url(value) (2c1e58)
    • decode non-component special chars in Hashbang URLS (199d88)
    • do not decode forward slashes in the path in HTML5 mode (0cbc50, #16312)
    • correctly handle external URL change during $digest (752f41, #11075, #12571, #15556, #15561)
  • ngMock:
  • ngMock.browserTrigger: add 'bubbles' to Transition/Animation Event (2f7fad)
  • $httpParamSerializerJQLike: call functions as jQuery does (a784fa, #16138, #16139)
  • $httpParamSerializer: ignore functions (394dbc, #16133)
  • httpParamSerializerJQLike: Follow jQuery for null and undefined (301fdd)
  • angular-loader: do not depend on "closure" globals that may not be available (4a12ae, #15880, #15881)
  • jqLite:
  • $route: make asynchronous tasks count as pending requests (c522a4, #14159)
    • don't process route change controllers and templates for redirectTo routes (7f4b35, #3332, #14658)

New Features

  • ngMock: describe unflushed http requests (080357, #10596, #15928)
  • jqLite:
    • implement jqLite(f) as alias to jqLite(document).ready(f) (369fb7)
    • don't throw for elements with missing getAttribute (4e6c14, #15181)
    • don't remove a boolean attribute for .attr(attrName, '') (3faf45)
    • remove the attribute for .attr(attribute, null) (4e3624)
    • return [] for .val() on with no selection (d882fd, #14370) - ngRoute: allow ngView to be included in an asynchronously loaded template (c13c66, #1213, #14893) $route: implement resolveRedirectTo (e98656, #5150, #14695) $q: report promises with non rejection callback (c9dffd) $location: default hashPrefix to '!' (aa077e, #13812, #14202)
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